station core

The Best Products from the Leaders in the Industry

station management and pump controllers

Verifone Ruby Ci

The combination of POS and site controller makes this solution the only one of it’s kind in the marketplace. Equipped with a functional site controller included in one piece of hardware providing fast, efficient, complete store management.

Up to 16 fueling positions, up to 3 indoor POS workstations and one dispenser type.

Verifone Ruby 2

The Ruby 2 is equipped with a fully touch screen console providing fast, efficient order taking and payment processing. The multicore processor allows the Ruby2 to process functions with increased speed allowing for easier store and customer management.

Verifone Commander

Commander is a versatile site management solution providing increased speed in payment acceptance, fueling operations, and back-office store control. Commander is certified across all dispenser types, payment networks, and oil brands. The Commander system architecture includes expansion slots and ports to add capacity as your business grows.

fuel pumps and components

Retail Fleet Dispensers for commercial / industrial environments where ruggedness and affordability are required.

Commercial Dispensers for all standard configurations, including latest technologies for LNG, CNG and Hydrogen.

Secure Payments and Customer Interaction components for all major dispenser manufacturers.

Bennett's hydraulic components can be found in more than 30 dispenser brands around the world.

Secure payment devices by verifone

Verifone is a worldwide leader in Secure Payment Devices. These devices use proven physical (HW) and logical (SW) technologies, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and providing Security and Compliance with the latest PCI and other Security Standards as required by the Financial and Banking industries. Atiovar offers the Applications that are developed to integrate these devices with the offered solutions and with the Loyalty schemes and Payment Gateways/Processors.







payment KIOSKS

Unixfor OPT

Self-Service or Attended (manned) Payment Kiosk for quick an efficient service. It allows motorists to authorize fuel dispensing using Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Fleet Refueling schemes, Pre-Paid cards and others. These devices comply with the Security and Anti-Vandalism standards and can operate under extreme weather conditions, 24x7.

unattended commercial fleet solutions

ATIO AT200 Fuel Management System

ATIO’s new AT200 Terminal, in conjunction with ATIO’s NanoCPI2™ Fuel Site Controller, provides 24-hour fuel control to unattended commercial fleet fueling operations. Highly configurable for different needs. Compatible with AtioNET (SAAS).

Standard with 7-inch color display and optional receipt printer, led illuminated keypad, ready for operation in harsh environments, direct connection with with EMR3, LCR2, TCS3000, etc.

Optional ID management: magnetic stripe and proximity card readers, ChipKey reader, TWC RFID, Third-party Automatic Vehicle Recognition, keypad entered codes, etc.