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ationet cloud based saas

Ationet a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for Fleet Services that can be implemented in Gas Stations with one or multiple Fleet Service Programs, pre or post pay. Identify the vehicles and drivers with the most comprehensive set of technologies ranging from simple cards to the most complex Vehicle Identification Solutions.

Ationet® is ideal for all kind of refueling points including: retail gas stations, wholesalers, homebase stations, marine sites, mining, airports, railways and many others. Ationet® does not require any infrastructure investments since the service is fully provided from ATIO Cloud Servers, allowing a new Loyalty or Fleet program to be created from the ground up in minutes with no capital investments.


  • Fleet

  • Loyalty

  • Prepaid

  • Gift

  • Mobile

repair services

We all know that even the highest quality electronic equipment stops working from time to time, they all have an MTBF, but the business cannot stop taking care of its customers.

  • Atiovar offers hardware repair services through Partners in some countries in Latin-America, as well as repairs performed directly by Verifone Repair Labs in USA.

  • Repairs are made on products that are still under warranty and the ones that are not.

  • Repairs are made on PCI certified labs, using original parts.

  • The products that are covered under these repairs are Commander, Ruby 2, Ruby CI, V240M, V400, M400, P200, MX915 and others.

Atiovar also offers repairs for devices made by the other companies it represents or for which it acts as a reseller. These repairs are made locally or through the manufactures directly.


In order to take advantage of best and latest technologies technologies that may be implemented by customers, the users need to be well trained to take the maximum benefits of the offered features. Atiovar provides training in different ways, from online one to one to group trainings, being it on-premises at customer the customer location (most countries in Latin-America and Caribbean), or at the Atiovar premises in Florida, USA.

Training comes in different forms depending on the solution being covered and the training materials made available by the manufacturers.


e-Signage Services provide additional revenue opportunities by exploiting unused areas for advertising purposes, or by showcasing current offers and promoting existing products. Atiovar offers can provide customized e-Signage solutions for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores.